Our Mission

The purpose of the Society is to promote literacy and numeracy in English in Parksville, Qualicum Beach and the surrounding area of Vancouver Island, BC.  To do this, the Society will:

  • support instruction and help provide supporting materials to adults needing assistance with English literacy and numeracy,
  • support volunteer tutors in acquiring the knowledge and requisite skills in tutoring adult learners, and
  • collaborate with other organizations, as appropriate, in support of the Society’s purpose.

Our Priorities

  • We strive to ensure the sustainability and quality of CVIJOBS-The Tutoring Program by helping to support the Program administration, and tutors and learners, both native speakers of English and English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) learners.
  • expanding and updating the teaching and learning resources available tutors and learners.
  • providing additional adult literacy and ESL training to volunteer tutors

  • promoting awareness of adult literacy, numeracy and ESL needs in the wider community.

The Need

There are 5 levels of literacy. 46% of British Columbians aged 16 to 65 score below literacy Level 3.
Individuals with low literacy levels may have difficulty understanding newspapers, following instruction manuals, reading health information and other daily living tasks.
There are 5 levels of numeracy. 52.3% of British Columbians aged 16 to 65 have level 2 or lower numeracy skills.
These individuals may have difficulty calculating interest on a car loan, using information on a graph, calculating medicine dosage and other daily living tasks.
Given the centrality of written communication and basic mathematics in virtually all areas of life … individuals must be able to understand, process, and respond to textual and numerical information, print and digital, if they are to participate fully in society.
“…efforts to improve literacy can have dramatic and far reaching effects.
"Higher literacy can boost the economic and financial success of individuals and the economy as a whole.
"It can reduce poverty, improve health, lift community engagement and lead to a higher standard of living.
"In fact, it is hard to identify any other single issue that can have such a large payoff to individuals, the economy and society.” ...Craig Alexander

The Society

The Parksville Qualicum Adult Literacy Society is a registered charity operating under the Societies Act of British Columbia, Canada. It has approximately 38 voting members and an elected Board of four officers and two directors-at-large.